Nos conseils d'entretien

Our maintenance tips

All our shoes are authentic works of art and like all precious goods, need to be treated with the greatest care.

You just need to follow a few simple rules to preserve its technical and aesthetic qualities.

The first important point is to NEVER wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days so that they "rest" and regain their shape thanks to the shoe trees that you have taken care to insert.

These shoe trees must not be varnished in order to be able to absorb the humidity of your shoes.

In beech or fragrant cedar, shoe trees are an essential element for the good health of your shoes...


If your shoes have suffered the ravages of mud or walking on stony ground, check your soles carefully to extract any encrusted gravel. Remove the dust with a very slightly damp sponge and use a maintenance milk such as the colorless universal cream .

Never wax exclusively with a cream or a colorless shoe polish because you could discolor the color of your patina.

The difference between Cream and Shoe Polish:

  • Cream

It is important to use good products (especially without silicone which gives an immediate shine but irreparably damages your shoes) to cream and glaze your shoes.

Use a color pomegranate cream to nourish the leather.

Use a grain of cream rice and start with the sides to then go up on top of the shoe to avoid marking the leather by applying too much.

Pay attention to the different color gradients if your patina has any so as not to mask the effects of this patina

Take the time to watch the videos below (French or English) to learn how to properly polish your shoes to restore their luster and long life:

  • Polish

In order to restore the shine of the glaze after a few wears, you can use either the closest color polish or a colorless polish such as Mirror Gloss which makes it easier to get a nice glaze.

We teach you the icing technique below (French or English):